Healthy Weight Loss Diet: Plan, Strategies and Resources For Weight Loss

As we see the military people always fit. According to report US Army maintain certain percentage of body mass index (BMI) or the body fat that they carry to remain in US Army. For men 18% BMI and for Women 25% BMI is the least count. The US Air Force keeps mandate for it’s soldiers to have body mass of 25% and Navy keep mandate of 25 to 36%. So what is the reason they maintain these BMI. What is the secrete they keep growing their strength from the time of training? As per my perception they don’t even need to use weight loss supplements or any diet pill for weight loss or medicine for weight gain.

Here is secretes revealed…..

Secrete of Exercise and Power:

Healthy Weight Loss Diet: Plan, Strategies and Resources For Weight Loss

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An ever green tip of being fit is keep running. One thing is necessity for you to do is running at least three to four times a week to boosts your metabolism and prepare yourself for basic training of military and also to stay fit. Army keeps some rules for the physical fitness test like certain number of push-ups, fifteen to twenty sit-ups, pull-ups etc. There are several other exercises also you can adapt and that will be advantage for you to be healthy and fit. And most important part is to drink water often even in between the exercise because water keeps you hydrated.

Stock Up On Proteins:

One of most important building block of healthy metabolism rate is protein. Certain foods like chicken, turkey, pork or lean beef are the good source of lean protein. If you only want vegetarian foods then can prefer different kinds of vegetables, fruits and nuts and by taking protein supplements. Benefit of protein even extends to reduce the risk of bone injuries. As a military trainee or service person, it is vital to maintain protein amount to stay fit. These are vital because of the exercise types and toughness of training.

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables:

The reason you want to eat more fruits because it contains numerous vitamins and nutrients that help you keep energetic and in good shape of body during and after training. You can have fruit smoothie with wheat germ early morning (breakfast) and then piece of grilled salmon with tomato and salad with lemon vinaigrette or any other combination of fruits and vegetables by maintaining calories.


These all things matter but many people fails to follow these particular things. For normal livelihood many people prefer weight loss supplements to lose weight. It doesn’t mean that if you have weight loss supplements or diet pills for weight loss is enough or you don’t have to do anything.

We will discuss more on this but in next post….


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